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We know that our strength comes through our differences and the freedom for everyone to be themselves — locals, leaders, and travellers. In the past, however, most of our female staff worked in our offices and this something we are working to change. In , we set a goal to double the of female leaders globally by While this may not be a difficult target in many countries, in traditional societies such as India and Morocco recruiting women is a much greater challenge.

When we first set our goal in we only had female leaders around the world, but by June we were excited to hit our target. We have committed to increasing employment opportunities for women in the travel industry.

This includes doubling the of female porters by globally who assist travellers on mountain hikes in Tanzania, Peru and Nepal, by We're going to start reporting on the gender pay gap, so we can have more open conversations and put goals in place to address any issues. From , we will have equal gender representation through our company spokespeople to ensure we are better reflecting the diversity of our people in public.

We also know that we can have a huge and positive impact on our supply chain. With the support of Intrepid Travel, our local leaders like Nadia, Sana and Pilar hope to inspire and empower other women to follow in their footsteps and chase their dreams. I give travellers lots of cultural experiences. I show them where young people hang out in cafes, where old people hang out in parks. I encourage them to chat with the locals. There are so many stories to share. I am still in India but exploring so many things. In Goa we go to specific local shacks run by families. For me, that's the one and only way to understand the country better.

That's what a real experience means, right?

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